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Welcome to Your Election - your way to the white house!B E T A

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Game Description

Do you have what it takes to lead your candidate to victory? It's up to you to plan the campaign. You decide what actions will your candidate will take, and where they should concentrate their efforts. You can focus your campaigning on a few key states or the nation as a whole. What ever you do, you'll need money. Make sure your candidate's campaign funds will take you to victory on election night. Register and play "Your Election - your way to the white house"!

How to play the game

Register to play.

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Further Informaton

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Are you looking for more information?

  • twitter @yourelection
    I use twitter to quickly post any short announcements or updates about the game. More detailed information is posted on the blog
  • Facebook
    For those in the facebook community, I have created a page for the game. Players can engage in discussions and share experiences here
  • Google+
    For those who prefere Google, I have set up a Google+ page.
  • youtube
    These videos are mainly tutorials, but who know what else might showup.

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