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YourElection - your way to the white house: Instructions

"Your Election - your way to the white house" simulates a U.S. presidential election campaign. It is a multi-player game, where players compete against each other to become president. As a player you can join an election or create your own. Your will receive poll results each turn. To improve your results you can engage in campaign activities. These activities must be paid for. You will receive campaign funding. To increase your financial power you can do fund raising. After the last turn the winner is declared. More detailed instructions can be found in the "report" part of the page.

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Reports and Additional Information

YourElection - your way to the white house: Instructions (continued)

Detailed Instructions

Join an election

The easiest way to get started is to join an election started by somebody else. Just click on the "join election" button in the game center and enter your candidate's data. Once all candidates required for the current election have joined the election will start.

Create an election

If no elections are available to join, you can create your own election. Just click on the "create election" button and enter the Name of the election, a short description, the number of turns i.e. the length of the election, the time for each turn in days, and the number of candidates participating in the election. An election must always have a Republican and Democratic candidate. Optionally a third party candidate, and or an independent candidate can participate in an election.

Once you have created the election, you will be asked to enter a candidate. You then wait for all other candidates to join.

Campaigning for the white house.

Once the election starts an initial poll is conducted. By clicking on the "polls" icon you can see the poll results. After each turn a new poll is conducted, and you can see if your campaign actions have been effective.

To improve your poll results and gain enough votes to become president you can conduct various campaign activities, such as sending TV-commercials nationally and locally. To pay for these activities you will receive funds each turn. To improve your funds you can do various fund raising activities.

End of Game

'The game ends when the last turn is completed. The final election results are calculated and the winner is announced. Each players game statistics are saved and the "best of list" is updated.